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We are Sacred Forces

Providing Healing Touch Therapies & Yoga Instruction

About Me

Welcome! My name is Shannon (CHTP, RYT-200) and I'm so glad you've found yourself here!

I am a Certified Yoga Instructor and provider of Healing Touch.

I completed a 230-hour program through Yoga Center of Minneapolis and am registered with the Yoga Alliance (RYT-200).

I am also a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (CHTP) of the Healing Beyond Borders program. Healing Touch is an energy therapy that meshes wonderfully with yoga!

I love tailoring programs to fit each person as an individual, encompassing all aspects of their being - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual! It is rewarding to watch people absorb information and begin their journeys of healing.

My goal: Empower people to live in health and ease through the use of Healing Touch and Yoga!

Snippets of My Journey

If you would have asked me about Healing Touch 10 years ago, I would have given you a confused expression!

The momentous shift for me came in my late teens and pushed right on through my mid-twenties. During that time, I suffered through many unknown illnesses and was at a different doctor what seemed like ever week. I was tested for this and tested for that until finally, I was told I had an auto-immune disorder; though they weren't sure which one.

Not that being poked with needles and prodded isn't fun... there was a point where I thought, this is getting ridiculous. That is where Healing Touch landed in my lap. I saw a Healing Touch Practitioner regularly and my body started to feel better. I didn't question it; I ran with it, quite literally!

I also found myself watching and participating in more and more yoga DVDs to bring my energy levels back up. Voila... that also seemed to be helping something within me. I later realized that yoga is so much more than practicing poses. It connects our entire being and promotes EASE while moving us away from DIS-EASE. I was intrigued, so I embarked on the wonderful adventure of joining a 230 hour yoga teacher training program and am now a certified yoga teacher.