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    Sacred Forces
    Empowering you to take back your health!
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We are Sacred Forces

Providing Healing Touch Therapies & Yoga Instruction

About Me

Welcome! My name is Shannon and I'm so glad you've found yourself here!

I am a Certified Yoga Instructor and provide Healing Touch therapies...Click here to read more

Healing Touch

Healing Touch is a gentle, relaxing energy therapy...Click here to read more


Want to know a secret...if you can CAN do yoga! You really can!...Click here to read more


Is there something you wish to study / learn more about / dig deeper into - let me know!...Click here to read more

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"After undergoing surgery, I was introduced to Healing Touch with Shannon from Sacred Forces. Her energy work controlled my severe nausea from anesthesia, as well as, significantly suppressed the pain I was experiencing. Also, I encountered a deep sense of relaxation. I credit my quick and complication free recovery to Healing Touch. Shannon's superlative talent and compassion are truly amazing! Thank you!"

Pete T. - Twin Cities Area

"Great find in the south suburbs with real spiritual yoga."

Lisanne W. - Twin Cities Area

"I was instantly comfortable with Shannon. The session left me very relaxed, breathing more deeply and my sinus pressure is relieved. I left with good suggestions on how to open up my hips and am already looking forward to more of Shannon's wisdom and healing touch."

Kimberly - Twin Cities Area

"From the moment i walked in the door I knew that I was in the right place!!! Shannon is so amazing at what she does you will love her and the whole experience!! Google only gives 5 stars as an option she deserves 10!!!!!"

Arianna Marie - Twin Cities Area

"I have been seeing Shannon for healing touch for a few months now and can confidently say that she has not only helped my anxiety, but has also relived the tightness in my neck and back. I have also had the pleasure of taking one of her yoga classes. Not only did it help me relax and unwind, but I felt happier and more centered when I left. I highly recommend both services, you'll leave feeling like a renewed and better you!"

Nick L. - Twin Cities Area

"Finding a natural way to decompress, de-stress, and unwind proved to be a challenging task for me. That is until I found Sacred Forces. I feel at peace with the world and my life after a session. This place is great!"

Bob F. - Twin Cities Area